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Cloud Based Accounting Software – Benefits and Challenges

We presented “Cloud Based Accounting Software – Benefits and Challenges” workshop at the SME Creativity Center.

The Topics covered were as follows:

1. What is cloud based accounting software? 2. How is it compared to ERP or traditional accounting software? 3. What are the benefits and challenges? 4. What are the key considerations when selecting and implementing one? 5. What should you expect from a good cloud based accounting software 6. Introduction of Xero

About SME Creativity Center?

The SME Creativity Center (SCC) is started as an initiative that focuses on helping SMEs in Hong Kong. SCC is a non-profit service center involved in enabling SMEs to explore creativity, ideation, and innovation. SCC provides guidance to local SMEs so that they can better understand, elicit, develop, and refine their design and creative processes to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage.

SCC particularly interested in supporting SMEs from the digital / information technology and manufacturing industries. For low return SMEs, SCC also provides relevant information and assistance for them to further establish their own brand or to merge with another existing business.

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